Marilyn demartini


Marilyn established PR Power as a public relations firm in 2002 in response to queries from long time business associates. PR Power has been instrumental in helping to shape the future and course for many businesses. For more information on PR Power, click here


Fitness, Training, Yoga & Sports Marketing

Marilyn DeMartini's journalism has spanned decades and has been focused in industries such as apparel and fashion, powerboating and yachting, motorcycling and sports & fitness. Her multi-dimensional career has afforded her articles to appear on many of the largest consumer and industry platforms. For more information, click here

Creating community in fitness

FIT Lauderdale emerged as a social media source for information about the fitness scene in Fort Lauderdale and as a way for me to share my passion for all things and people promoting health and wellness. My desire was to unite fitness fans and practitioners so we would all work together towards a mutual goal by sharing information, events, classes and philosophies—ways to create a true fit culture are share our passion for wellness and its benefits. For more information, click here