Dr. Gustavo Ferrer Coughs Up Remedies for Respiratory—and National Health Care--Ailments

I don’t normally write on political issues, but given all the consternation around fixing U.S. health care, after my recent conversation with Dr. Gustavo Ferrer. Dr. Ferrer is spearheading a movement by a group of doctors who are trying to focus on listening to patients and finding and treating the cause of their problems, not just treating the symptoms.

Dr. Ferrer cites chronic cough as one of the most common reasons for visits to the emergency room and while most of the causes are viral, meaning antibiotics are useless, they are still commonly prescribed and are responsible for bacteria becoming stronger and increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

While smoking is still the main cause of coughing, dry nasal passages and post-nasal drip are other common causes. The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere creates an increase in pollen, which then increases allergic reactions. Inhalation of chemicals in the atmosphere can also cause reactions on the skin or in the nasal passages and even though we may seek to minimize chemicals in our personal space (carpets, laundry detergents, spray scents, pet dander, pollutants, etc.) we are still exposed to thousands of chemical pollutants in the air each day.

To protect ourselves, Dr. Ferrer recommends a good high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter on our air conditioning systems and a humidifier. He also recommends sinus spray or irrigation with a Xylitol saline solution to rinse the sinuses of allergens, thus inhibiting their effect on the body and decreasing symptoms. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener in gums and other products and has been shown to fight tooth decay. While it can cause some gastric upset when ingested, as a spray it also fights bacteria in the nose and mouth and reduces ear infections and bacteria in the lungs; it is side effect-free. Combined with saline has an even greater effect, enhancing the body’s defenses by pulling extra moisture out of swollen tissues, thus thinning the mucus, thus enabling the body to rid itself of contaminants. Thickened or encrusted mucus cannot do its job.

Dr. Ferrer also recommends various herbs for allergies like Butterbur Extract (which in two separate studies has worked as well as or better than popular prescription drugs, Flonase and Allegra). Grindelia acts as an expectorant while Propolis lozenges or spray use the substance used by bees to keep hives sterile to protect against bacteria and fungus; in a vaporizer, it can clear living space of mold, germs and pollution.

Vitamin D3 can also assist in decreasing respiratory problems as can acupuncture and acupressure, says Dr. Ferrer. He has also heard of success with homeopathic remedies and while not a homeopathic doctor, he is “open minded” to other types of practices.

www.gustavoferrermd.com Dr. Gustavo Ferrer  954 482 4747

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I Tried A New Protein Shake!

Do you ever get tired of overly sweet and flavored smoothies? I rely on protein shakes for my post-workout meal, but I couldn't find an unflavored protein mix that I liked. I tried a Garden of Life mix made from peas, rice and grains, but I found it chalky in taste. Then I learned about Protein Plus Protein Energy Power, made from peanut flour with no artificial color or flavor but is loaded with other good things like Omega 3, enzymes and vitamins and minerals. Though NOT good for people with nut allergies, I loved the taste and tried 4 flavors and even the banana did not taste fake. Honey was good with fruits and chocolate with bananas and milk was delicious! I will keep trying other brands for research to share, but it's hard to pass on a great product! And, it's conveniently available at #Publix!

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Making Choices
A slice of pizza with a friend for dinner—sounded easy enough—a relaxing way to end the day with some carbos, veggies, cheese and red wine. That is how I look at a meal—what does it bring to me and what enjoyment do I get from it…on a night like this—a lot.

Pizza, lively conversation, a water view at sunset—I opted for all that but afterwards, I felt a craving—my body needed vegetables. The tomato on the pizza didn’t quite “do it” for me, so I thought about what I could eat that would be good for me and good to my palate. Though Trader Joe’s coffee ice cream could have called my name—it would have been yummy and easy, but it would NOT have served my craving. So I opened the frig and started rummaging for spinach, celery, avocado and tomato; NOW I was ready to toss it all together with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (why have just regular virgin oil when you can have extra, whatever the hell that means) and balsamic vinegar with spices and add a generous grating of good aged parmesan. I was in heaven! I toasted with some wonderful Fennel Kombutcha from the Spa Juice Bar on Las Olas and even added a very small sip of leftover Sauvignon Blanc, as I decided to also husk and steam a couple of ears of corn I had in the produce drawer. I always plan to cook things immediately, but then life happens…

So I steamed the rather fresh corn in salted water till just crisp, then I set one ear aside to eat and one for tomorrow’s lunch. I over-salted the water a bit with kosher salt, so the corn tasted so good and different, it was like an extra cheat on a vegetable—almost as good as a corn chip, but bursting with flavor and juice! Being full after that treat, I put the rest of my salad into a Tupperware for tomorrow and said good night to the kitchen—it was after all 10 PM, and it was time to get back to my computer for Chapter 4 of my day—before workout, after workout, before dinner and after dinner—which can be anything at any time of the evening, but it is generally followed by one more stint at the computer, doing email, reading industry news or trying to write creative copy.

Time for creativity can only happen it seems, when my personal needs are settled and my mind is free to roam. Only then do I seem to come up with the thoughts that explain the specialness of what I am writing about and why you should be compelled to read the story. That is what I love—doing something and then telling why it is so special and that is why I am sharing this story with you tonight. I made choices that gave me a simply lovely evening. I took the time, after having my fresh veggie snack, to roll on the floor with a medicine ball, getting rid of the tension in my legs, back and shoulder, just slowly rolling, methodically and to the tune of some great classic jazz, the pain and stiffness right out of my body. That sigh of relief is what I feel compelled to share with you and everyone around me, so that you can achieve a state of peace and lightness in your body and mind. One follows the other.

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92 Year Old Pumping Iron

Fit for ALL ages is what Fit Lauderdale is about! Hope Makris, at 92 years sold, is pumping iron in her condo gym, working toward her NEXT decade! That's the spirit that drives a tough cookie like her and inspires the rest of us. Hope, you are MY hope and my hero!

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Just Hanging Around

I so enjoyed The Anti Gravity Suspension ClassProPilates! Great strength, balance and flexibility builder--just one of the fabulous classes at FIT Lauderdale's top Pilates studio. Also love my Tonka Cascais yoga pants! The fabric is so comfortable and the fit, exact! Leave it to Tonka to get it just right!

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Loving the spirit and giving of Feetures socks and I really love their lightweight socks that are made for right and left feet!

Feetures, a performance sock brand, continued its mission to inspire healthy lifestyles by partnering with Charlotte-based non-profit Let Me Run.

The seven-week running program, led by trained coaches from the community, is designed to help pre-teen and teenage boys learn teamwork, build relationship skills and self-esteem and empower themselves and others to live active lives.

In addition to Let Me Run, Feetures is a sponsor of Kids Run the Nation, which enabled the organization to increase their grant capabilities in 2016 by 50 percent, allowing for grants to be awarded to an additional 10-15 deserving youth running programs.

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The ZEN of ocean swimming.....

After an invigorating, yet peaceful yoga class—yes, there is a yin and yang to most yoga practices, I walked to my car but couldn’t go home and go to work without a swim. It is almost like a reward for a job well done—one of the reasons that living on the water means so much to me. The high tide lapped the sand and as I dove in, the clear, cool water gave me a little rush as I breast stroked out to deeper water, feeling free and strong and light.

The sun danced on the ripples of the tide, creating a kaleidoscope of light on the patterns of the sand beneath me. As I eased into my crawl stroke, I became aware of my breathing and elongation of my arms, leg and torso—just like I had done in my yoga class. I felt the same calm as I inhaled and exhaled, feeling my body turn slightly with each overhead stroke, as I dropped my shoulder to create a little body roll, propelling me through the water. My breath evened out with each stroke as I reached as far forward as possible, pulling the water towards my chest and away from me, off from my hip. Just like in yoga—opposing forces creating length, balance and strength, using the breath to create a stretch and release—like the ebb and flow of the tide.

I watched a fish beneath me, envying the ease with which it flipped its tail and slid quickly and effortlessly through the sea; I tried to emulate the slipperiness of that slim, scaled body, stroking and gently kicking my way up the beach.

I tried to let my thoughts go and use this time as meditation, just focusing on the rhythm of my breath and the corresponding arm and leg motions. Unlike the times that I am swimming for fitness and working hard to push myself and swim hard and strong, this day was like a vacation—a time to enjoy the peacefulness of the atmosphere and the moment—a time to find a little balance to soothe my mind and body instead of the frequent pressing and stressing that are the “normal” parts of my life. Could this be my “new normal?!”…

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EXPERIENCE Sportstyle!

How many trade shows or expos have you attended where you pick up information, then get home, look at all the materials you accumulated and try to decide what to do with it? Most of it ends up in the trash--It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now…

What if you got to DO things at the expo instead of just looking at things? Instead of brochures, you’d have memories, experiences, shared conversations with others doing similar things and  you’d have learned more helpful information about what you are doing from the attending experts. THAT is what will happen at the Sportstyle Show—You’ll take more than brochures with you!

From the broad assortment of national exhibitors and South Florida’s own best purveyors of fitness and wellness, you’ll learn a LOT about fitness, what you like to do and what you’d like to learn to do—and even better, you can buy the apparel that you decide works for you, direct from the manufacturer. Brands like Altra, Crocs, Skechers, and new boutique brands like EleVen by Venus Williams, JLEW Bags, Sparkfire Active, Fjallraven and OOFOS.

You’ll get to sample VirtuRide’s tours across the country on movable stationery bike, Orangetheory Fitness’ ESP system, Spartan Race’s challenges, Pro Pilates’ spine correctors and Pilates class—with Tonka Cascais! You’ll learn from Gravity & Oxygen about the science of fitness, from Hellman Holistic Health about fitness for golf and other sports, learn about chiropractic medicine from Friends & Family Spinal Care, and about Acupuncture and T’ai Chi from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. Broward Health will do screenings from the Man Van, check out biking variations at the Waterbiking Studio, Peloton, ElliptiGO, and RealRyder and you’ll get to see fashion shows and pick out what you want to buy and take home. You’ll get to Rock Your Workout and do 4 different sample fitness classes in an hour—including Ashtanga Yoga, Orangetheory Fitness, Gravity & Oxygen, Hellman Holistic Health and Pro Pilates--or just do as many workouts as you can, going from booth to booth! Crystal Kayaks and Sunrise Paddle Boards give you the water view, while Deliver Lean and FITTEAM give you the skinny on nutrition. 9 Round Fitness, Core954 (Lagree and RealRyder), The GYM Fort Lauderdale Beach, Gym Guyz’ mobile unit and other fitness pros will help you work out while Ultimate Cryotherapy, Dexafit scanning, McKenzie Physical Therapy, Body Stretch and WOW Health will help you ease into the show and learn how to take better care of your body.

You don’t get this in a “normal” trade show, but you DO get this at the Sportstyle Consumer Expo & Experience—the show that brings the best of South Florida’s fitness and wellness community to YOU. All in one day, under one roof, for one price of $15—unless you contact one of the exhibitors and get a free VIP code!Type your paragraph here.

VIRTRURIDE -- Omer Cohen at VirtuRide kicked my butt on a bicycle tour of Alaska to the Key Biscayne bridge and Clermont Florida today, and it was just a sample of the virtual 1-hour bike escapes available at Virturide in North Miami. The Bike moves on a platform as you take turns and hills! Check it out on Youtube and go visit soon!

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"Is Yoga Life Changing?"

 This question was posed to me by one of my inquisitive, eager yoga students. I responded that I have been doing yoga for so long that I didn’t know if it was life changing for everyone, but it could be. I explained that mastering one’s breath was the essence of handling situations, emotions, exercise and even body functions, so yes, in many ways, yoga practice and breathing could be life changing.

Today I awoke from a deep dream state to the disturbing sound of my alarm. Disrupting my sleep and fascinating dream about friends from afar prompted me to roll over in a fetal ball in an effort to dispel the agitation and go back to sleep. I knew I had to rouse myself, did a few stretches and got up ready to leave for what I hoped would be a good beach workout, followed by a swim in calm waters.

The beach was already active with teams of tourists, some working out, taking pictures and some staking their claims on beach territory. The ocean still showed signs of a strong current and rolling shore waves, so I knew it was not going to be my anticipated swim in calm waters. None-the-less, after pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups, I jumped into the water and tried to stroke my way into relaxation. But instead, I talked myself into a sprint workout to capitalize on my short time frame. Strongly stroking for 30 seconds, followed by 90-second recoveries, I got in a tough, efficient swim and headed home with intense energy to change and travel to my Senior Center “Stretch & Strong” classes.

While getting ready, I was bombarded by a mélange of texts from friends and clients, putting me in a tiff. On the road, a 45-minute trip from my home, I realized that I was getting detoured with road rage and not being myself. I recognized that I had NOT done my traditional Tantra yoga cobra breath meditation and therefore, was not “right” with the world.

Thanks to one of Fort Lauderdale’s LONG traffic lights, I squeezed in a full 7 breath Tantra Cobra Breath Meditation and immediately felt more, calm, centered and happy. Rather than be derailed with minor irritations, I chose to let them all go and embrace the rest of the day ahead with peace and acceptance. Even the traffic seemed to move more smoothly and my classes were fun and relaxed, as I felt connected to each person.

So is yoga life-changing? If it changed my day and that is one step in my life, then yes, yoga IS life changing! It brings a new outlook and hence a new life—an improvement on the pre-yoga life. While it strengthens the body, it also focuses the mind and makes the breath the oil in the human machine, helping breath flow into movement and mindfulness. Being a yogi is one of my greatest joys and an integral part of my life, perhaps it is life transforming!

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