Writing - Marketing

Writing—choosing  and positioning the words is a special art and communication is an essential human need. All marketing starts and ends with the written word--from the business plan to broadcast script, we formulate and present our thoughts to communicate, to persuade, to sell.

As a merchant of ideas, I enjoy every facet of the marketing puzzle and use my creativity and expertise to help your idea or business become more successful and productive. I pride myself on putting together the pieces--sometimes people, often concepts, always words.

Writing – Telling the story

My long-time passion for the outdoors, sports, fitness and health, led me to the sporting goods industry and trade and consumer publishing. I write what I know and love -- and that's what you see here -- my unquenchable thirst to be in the moment, in the experience, knowing how it feels, so I can better convey the spirit beneath the topic.

Magazines are my primary vehicle, but scripts, speeches, newspapers, tour books, brochures and advertorials are also in my portfolio. Always researching, writing, informing -- I love to spread the word! Give me an assignment--you'll see!

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