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PR Power was created to suit the caliber of my clients—powerful people, sports and action-packed products.

I have been selling since I was a kid--lemonade, school raffle tickets, Junior Achievement projects, or men's and women's sportswear, while working my way through college--whatever the job, I have always enjoyed the challenge of meeting my sales goals and my customers' needs. Public relations and promotions have been my professional realm--selling the sizzle, priming the pump for the salesmen, positioning the pitch, setting the tone for the sell.

I can’t look at a product or service without thinking about how it could best be positioned or in front of what audience. How to best reach that audience? How to best feature the business? How to tell the story.

I approach my business and yours, with an enthusiasm for communicating the story--and the behind-the-scenes story—that is usually the intriguing part. Whatever your communication needs for collateral, sales, website or press materials--you name it, I'll write it -- and if you want, I'll help you to market it!

I have included some of my favorite earlier journalistic work here  and will continue to work on this site and will continue to add new articles. I totally immerse myself in every topic, project and activity, so I completely understand every nuance, making sure I get the right message out to the right people, in the right tone, in the right place.

I hope you enjoy your scan through both my PR and editorial work and find my style fits you, your publication, service or products. The wide range shows I can communicate any message, and I will look forward to exploring how I can assist you with yours!

Client Roster

G Marine “The European Yacht Boutique” – PR for various lines of luxury yachts including Astondoa, Fairline, EVO and Wallytender

Cheoy Lee – PR for Chinese Yacht Builder

Treasure Coast Indian Motorcycles  & Can-Am – PR and special events for Indian Motorcycle and Bombardier dealer

Cigarette Racing Team – PR and special events for iconic powerboat builder for 10 years.

Outerlimits and Statement Powerboats – marketing and boat show promotions

Latham Marine – PR and special events for leader in performance boating aftermarket parts and steering systems.

Dream Ride for Special Olympics – PR and special events for  3 years for a 17-year multi-million dollar fundraiser

Mercury Marine - Did extensive interviews and wrote copy for the company's year-long newspaper 75th anniversary campaign. 

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The Public Relations business has changed drastically over the years with social media transforming the way and the speed in which we communicate. This focus on immediacy and personalization has changed how we write and revolutionized how we market and targeting to whom—“Live” as in real time, has become how we “Live” as communities, relating to each other across all borders—but while video becomes a dominant way to communicate, we still rely on the spoken or written word.

Writing - Marketing

 Writing—choosing  and positioning the words is a special art and communication is an essential human need. All marketing starts and ends with the written word--from the business plan to broadcast script, we formulate and present our thoughts to communicate, to persuade, to sell.

As a merchant of ideas, I enjoy every facet of the marketing puzzle and use my creativity and expertise to help your idea or business become more successful and productive. I pride myself on putting together the pieces--sometimes people, often concepts, always words.

Writing – Telling the story

My long-time passion for the outdoors, sports, fitness and health, led me to the sporting goods industry and trade and consumer publishing. I write what I know and love -- and that's what you see here -- my unquenchable thirst to be in the moment, in the experience, knowing how it feels, so I can better convey the spirit beneath the topic.

Magazines are my primary vehicle, but scripts, speeches, newspapers, tour books, brochures and advertorials are also in my portfolio. Always researching, writing, informing -- I love to spread the word! Give me an assignment--you'll see!