Taking a quick break on a Vanquish Yacht - a taste of true luxury!
Marilyn DeMartini Sea trialing MD Drives HCB 450R
Marilyn DeMartini standing inside a Sea Hunter Hull

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Marilyn DeMartini on a nautical video shoot.

Digital Journalism – With the increased importance of video in all types of marketing and communication, my ability to easily talk with people and to relay information comes into play in the digital marketplace where video explains and shows why both boating—and fitness—are SO much fun! Working with Boats Group to tell the VISUAL stories about not just boats, but the people and events associated with the marine industry have become a major part of my work. Seeing the gorgeous boats and yachts is one aspect but feeling the action and performance—even smelling the salt air and being warmed by the sun brings the experience of boating to the savvy consumer, who is conducting considerable research online before making a purchase.

The Boats Group provides an array of platforms to help educate and entertain—as well as to help sell boats and I am pleased to host “Factory Fridays,” tours of boat manufacturing plants, on Boats.com, and create informative videos on Yachtworld and Boat Trader, together with our video partners at Deep See Visuals.

See my videos on my YouTube Channel, or at Yachtworld.com, or BoatTrader.com, or Boats.com.

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