Pumping iron at 93 years of age!

Fitness for ALL ages is what Fit Lauderdale is about! Hope Makris, at 93 years old, is pumping iron in her condo gym, working toward her NEXT decade! That’s the spirit that drives a tough cookie like her and inspires the rest of us.

Not only does she work out when she is a Snow Bird in South Florida, she WORKS at her family-owned NASWA Resort in NH every summer, baking all the “Hope Made” desserts for the resort’s restaurants. She used to run the front desk too, but the computers got a little overwhelming. But having a purpose, something important to DO, knowing that other people are counting on her, is what makes her get up every morning to live a new day. She has gone through countless operations, illnesses, conditions and rough days, but she fights back each and every day. She is a pitbull at all of about 4’10” of Greek heritage and drive, fighting to keep on top as a vital force in her family, business and life.

Hope, you are MY hope and my hero!