Beet the Heat!

Beets are the new kale. Lately beet products seem to be everywhere, including a powdered variety where the commercial actors boast feeling 10 years younger after drinking the mix! REALLY?!

Granted, beets are loaded with essential nutrients that have been linked to improved blood pressure, energy levels, liver function, eye health, younger-looking skin, and even brain function. Luckily, I grew up on beets and loved the way my mother pickled the roots and sautéed the tops in olive oil and garlic—I’m Italian, we cook everything in olive oil and garlic! While I don’t think I’ll be mixing up any powdered beets anytime soon, a juice named Beetology called my name—especially as the South Florida summer cooks on and we seek some coolers to refresh and rejuvenate.

While the company provided some tasty crafted recipes both cocktail and mocktails for those who prefer not to mix nutrition with alcohol I felt compelled to try some of my own recipes. Beetology’s “Beet a Coladas” with coconut cream and dark rum and Bourbon “Beet It” (using the beet cherry juice was reminiscent of a Manhattan that also brought back memories, I thought the Beet and Tropical Juice was ideal for a white rum concoction and the Beet with vegetable juice made me want to try a Beet-Tini with gin instead of vodka—I am a purist when it comes to the classic martini.

Those cocktail recipes (see below) went well, but since I am FIT Lauderdale, I also tried the vegetable beet juice with a cold cucumber and cabbage cream soup and found it a refreshing and nutritious lunch.


Delicious cold or hot – beet cabbage soup

I’m looking forward to trying the beet, ginger and lemon with some tequila as well as the beet and cherry juice for my own Manhattan recipe, but have found that the beet and tropical fruit juice mixes well with my daily dose of glucosamine and chondroitin and takes the edge of my post-exercise creatine drink. The cocktails are a reward AFTER we do the work to earn them and in the meantime, I’m grateful for a new way to drink one of my favorite veggies. Peeling the skin off the beats is always a bit of a pain—not to mention the red fingers, but beets are worth it—Beetology just makes it easier to enjoy.

Beetology says they harvest and cold-press the best-tasting organic beets from around the world, blending them with just a handful of good-for-you products like fruit, veggies, and ginger, and then sends them straight to the grocer’s refrigerator in convenient, grab-and-go bottles. Do keep them refrigerated to maintain the freshness and go to the Beetology Facebook Page to learn more.

Beetology According to FIT Lauderdale – stay tuned for more!



2 oz. gin plus a splash of white vermouth

2 oz. Beetology Vegetable Juice

garnish with cherry tomato, wedge of cucumber and basil leaf

Serve chilled “up” or over ice

Chilled cabbage and cucumber soup with Beetology Swirl

Steam green cabbage in chicken broth with seasonings to taste. Chill and add skinned seeded cucumber and several spoons of unflavored yogurt, blend until creamy and thick.

Swirl in Beetology Vegetable juice and serve chilled with a garnish of celery.


The Rum-ba “Beet”

2 oz. of white rum

2 oz. of Beetology & Tropical Fruit

Dash of limeade, garnish with a strawberry or any fruit, serve chilled over ice