“Get Fit or Die” workout pants send a message

Some days, fitness is just discipline. Some days, fitness is fun—when you are rested and ready to take on the challenge of taking your body to the next level. But some days, we may be a little tired, a little contemplative or just not in the mood to move. Those are the days where we really prove what we are made of—where we really have to push ourselves. Just showing up is part of the battle and once we are “there” we go through the motions, maybe not feeling as excited about it or as appreciative of the rush of adrenaline and energy, but after we get through the workout, the walk, the tennis match or Zumba class—whatever we are doing to kick our own butts to make a difference in our lives—that is when the good feeling should pour over us. THAT is when you pat yourself on the back and say, “I did it!” And you should feel great about it!


I saw and felt this today in a training session with two wonderful, hard-working clients. After our warm up, one said, “You know it’s a tough day when you’re spent after the warm up!” And while we laughed, there was little joy in the air. There was a sense of seriousness, a feel of going through the motions in a mechanical way and air of sobriety that is unlike most of our workouts. While I tried to be empathetic, I couldn’t go “easy” on them—I felt obligated to go through a good, full-body workout as usual, making sure their time was well spent—up to the stretch at the end where the feel good sets in. I also had to compliment the women on their dedication and on getting through the workout experience and to being committed to Aging Dynamically.

That is what gets me out of bed each day, through my “Tin Man” stretches to get rid of all the squeaks and groans in my muscles, joints and mind. Then I know I am ready to start the day, being all I can be, not who I may have been when I woke up. And that is the difference between the good days and the discipline days—the willingness to show up, BE up and be there for your friends, colleagues and family—to help them get through their discipline days as well!