Shakes are delicious and nutrition meals – even on the run

Do you ever get tired of overly sweet and flavored smoothies? I rely on protein shakes for my post-workout meal, but I couldn’t find an unflavored protein mix that I liked. I tried a Garden of Life mix made from peas, rice and grains, but I found it chalky in taste. Then I learned about Protein Plus Protein Energy Power, made from peanut flour with no artificial color or flavor but is loaded with other good things like Omega 3, enzymes and vitamins and minerals. Though NOT good for people with nut allergies, I loved the taste and tried 4 flavors and even the banana did not taste fake. Honey was good with fruits and chocolate with bananas and milk was delicious! I will keep trying other brands for research to share, but it’s hard to pass on a great product! And, it’s conveniently available at #Publix!